Project 90– A Running Revolution



Ted Herget, the founder and owner of Gearhead Outfitters, will preach a thousand times that he is passionate about living and promoting a healthy lifestyle. He has competed in multiple races, but it wasn't until his early 20's that he was taught proper running form by, friend and professional triathlete, Tim Deboom. Since then, Ted has handed down his knowledge and experience to anyone who will listen– initiating the dream of Project 90. He along with his wife, Amanda, and co-workers developed this program to help others learn, in the most simplest way, the proper ways to run for life, injury free. 


Coming up on its seventh year, the Project 90 program has evolved into a training plan and support system, right at your fingertips, to prepare for your next race, jump start your running journey, or simply run injury free. 


Ted, along with his Project 90 team, will lead you through our 90 day program with training plans, nutritional tips and recipes, and specific techniques to further your running revolution. 


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