7 tips for morning workouts

7 tips for morning workouts

Whether you're struggling with too few hours in the day or you're ready to change up your workout routine, early mornings are a great time to get things done. Boosting your metabolism early can help kick-start the rest of your day. Whatever activity you prefer — a morning run, cycle or group fitness class —these tips are for you!


1. Set multiple alarms

Let’s be honest, one alarm doesn’t always cut it on regular days, much less days where you're wanting to hit the gym or pavement early. It's much easier to hit snooze just one time compared to four or five times with multiple alarms. Try setting two alarms to start, an early alarm 10-20 minutes before you need to be up, and an on-time alarm. The early alarm will wake you and get your mind prepped, and even if you hit the snooze button, you'll have a backup set.


2. Have your workout clothes and gear set out

This is a must. Chances are you will have a much harder time getting out of bed if you have to pick out clothes to wear and the gear you need. If your clothes are staring you in the face when you roll over, you don’t have much of an excuse. Lay clothes on a nearby chair, have your socks and shoes ready and your gear in a bag by the door. 


3. Go to bed at a decent hour

It may seem obvious, but getting in the habit of going to bed 30 minutes to an hour earlier can make all of the difference in your morning routine. Try going to bed early for one month and see how it works for you. Turn off Netflix, and don't mindlessly scroll through Facebook. Instead, try reading or light stretching to wind down. When it’s time for your early morning workout, you should be well rested and ready to go.


4. Make plans for right after your workout

One way to ensure you will get up in time for your workout is to make plans for right after. Need to grab some groceries? Forgot to stop by the ATM? Need to head to work? How about a quick, post-workout coffee date with a friend? Making plans will help you hold yourself accountable. 


5. Have a small breakfast/snack pre-made

You’re more than likely going to be hungry whenever you wake up, no matter the time of day, but it's important not to skip pre-workout fuel. Eating something before can prevent feeling sick when you start your workout. Your body may react differently when starting a new routine, so a bagel and/or bowl of cereal may not be the best idea. Instead of a large, normal-size breakfast, try something smaller but sustainable. A CLIF Bar, some almonds, an apple with peanut butter, or a homemade smoothie should be perfect. Whatever you choose, make sure it is protein-rich. That will prevent the sickness-feeling and help keep you stay energized.


6. Buy a new clothes or gear that you’re excited about

You see this tip given to a lot of people who are trying to begin working out. The same thing can go for beginning a new morning routine. Buy a new top or sports bra that you’re excited to wear, or maybe a new fitness watch. It can be an extra dose of motivation to look and feel workout ready.


7. Think of every an morning workout as a really important meeting you cannot miss.

Technically, you are blocking off your schedule and meeting with yourself. You wouldn't cancel a meeting with your boss or a client now, would you? You could also think of this as time to escape from your daily challenges, and just relax, taking time for yourself, your goals and making you calmer and more aware for the rest of your day. 


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