Appalachian Trail Series.3

Appalachian Trail Series.3

Will and Heath have made it through the Great Smoky Mountains and are making their way into Virginia by now. They have hiked 470 miles and are almost a quarter of the way there. According to their blog, the Smoky Mountains had some of the most amazing views and magnificent sunrises! 


Both Heath and Will have been given their trail names. Trail names, like trail magic, sounds a little hokey, but it is an essential part to any long distance hike, especially on the AT. Trail names often describe a quirk, a habit, or a comical mishap of a hiker, adding to the sense of uniqueness of each one. When hikers leave home, they abandon the day to day activities that define their lives; stress, work, rent, insurance, student loans. You leave so much of who you are behind that even your name gets left.



On the trail you become reborn and a new name is given to you. So how do you go about getting a trail name? Heath received his name after walking with a group of guys for about a week. They noticed he tends to pace himself and does his own thing when he hikes so they gave him the name of Cruise Control or Cruise for short. Will is quiet and fast and fellow hikers gave him the name of Stealth. 


If you are curious of Cruise and Stealth's day to day activities, make sure to check out their blogs. Below you will find a link to their blog and some pictures from their journey so far! 


Heath's Blog


Will's Blog





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