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  • By Gearhead Outfitters contributor, Lindsey Mills
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They’re crazy, loud, a little weird, hard-working, caring and some of the best people I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing and working with. I came to Little Rock to work for the summer before returning to Jonesboro for my final year at Arkansas State University. I’ve been around a lot of Gearhead employees; people that have supported and encouraged my goals and made me fall in love with a company that is passionate about serving people. I was antsy to see what working with this new group of people would be like.

What I found in my time working at Park Plaza was more than some great co-workers. I found lifelong friends. We work hard to keep the store looking good, stay updated on products, and give the great customer service Gearhead is known for. But when we turn out the lights and lock the doors, we haven’t ended our time together. Hikes up Pinnacle in the scorching heat, hammocking beneath the stars, Taco Tuesday, volunteering and swimming anywhere we possibly can; this crew has each other’s back on and off the sales floor.

We plan things after closing so that everyone can make it. We come in on our off days just to say hi. We have a separate group message just for goofing off because we enjoy talking to each other so much. We take ridiculous pictures. We sing Disney songs and eat a lot of cookies. We laugh, we prank and we invite every person through our doors to be a part of our crazy, fun little family. We teach each other and we learn from one another. We work together and play together.

In a few short weeks I’ll be leaving this crew to return to Jonesboro, and you can bet they’ll be getting calls from me just to say hi. We’ll likely travel to each other's stores whenever we get the chance, and one thing is absolutely certain; this is going to be a difficult goodbye.

If you get the chance, stop in and check on these guys. They get crazy, they get loud and they are more than a little strange. But they will do anything to make you smile, get you what you need, and help you leave happier than when you arrived. 




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