Military Gratitude Series.3

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Military Gratitude Series.3

Being part of a military family isn’t always easy. There are several unknowns that always accompany a family member serving in the military. However, those unknowns are greatly outweighed by the abundance of pride, gratitude and joy that fill my heart. 


My big brother, LCpl. Matt Golden, is currently serving in his first deployment as a United States Marine aboard the USS Anchorage. In the beginning, Matt had his uncertainties about leaving the States. He mentioned it being hard to leave his family and friends for a majority of the year with limited communication, but being part of a strong brotherhood, serving our country, and ultimately being part of something that is much greater than himself, are the things that keep him going. Matt’s favorite part about being in the military is knowing that he is helping others. It has always been second nature for Matt to lend a helping hand to those in need around him.




When I got the news that Matt was leaving the country for the next seven months, it was involuntary for me to be upset, and for me to so selfishly want him to stay stateside. That’s not part of the job though. I continuously remind myself that Matt is doing something he loves, and has been so passionate about for most of his life.


It is his courage, his selflessness, and his love for our great country that inspires me daily. I will forever be grateful for our military men and women who sacrifice so much for the people they love most.


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