Collagen is Your New Best Friend

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Collagen is Your New Best Friend

Guest Contributor

Hillary Moore, B.S. Nutrition 


You’ve probably heard your trendy, in-the-know friend talking about how she puts collagen in her coffee every morning. Or maybe you’ve seen an ad for collagen peptides while scrolling through Instagram. But collagen isn’t any newfound supplement, and it’s anything but another unsubstantiated health fad; in fact, it may just become your new best friend.


As humans, we have been consuming collagen since primitive man’s mastery of fire. Just picture our ancestors cooking, and what do you see? You may imagine a man cooking meat over a fire or a woman making broth in a kettle. Bone broth is most likely what was being made. Our primal ancestors didn’t waste any part of the animals they ate. Even the bones were cooking for hours in a broth. Turns out, they were onto something: bone broth is a great source of collagen. The bones, and connective tissues especially, are rich with collagen. It’s one of the most abundant proteins in our bodies working to keep our skin supple, our joints moving freely and even our gut lining sealed tightly.


Collagen contains a variety of amino acids, with the two main amino acids being proline and glycine. Both amino acids work to provide our bodies with joint comfiness and mobility. Glycine, along with glutamine, work to support immune cell function and keep the integrity of the gut lining intact.


Unfortunately, as we age our production of collagen decreases. As a result, our skin becomes less supple and joint mobility wanes as inflammation increases and tissues wear thin. However, supplementing with collagen may prove beneficial for those seeking a natural alternative to repairing joint tissues, as well as mitigating the toll of aging on our hair, skin and nails.


Collagen supplements can easily be added to a daily routine through a collagen supplement or bone broth. Bone broth can be used in making soups or sipped on and, thanks to modern conveniences, we don’t have to make bone broth from scratch like our ancestors once did. If that just doesn’t sound appealing, collagen supplements in powder and capsule form are also available, often unflavored and easy to mix into your favorite beverage or food.


Grass-fed is your best option when considering a collagen supplement, as the peptides are more easily absorbed. And going organic should be a no brainer. Some of my favorites are Vital Protein’s unflavored collagen peptides and Ancient Nutrition’s vanilla collagen powder.


Add this simple supplement to your daily routine to revitalize your joints, hair, skin and nails! 


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