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Tree-Friendly Suspension System. Kammok Python Straps™ are designed after the world's longest species of snake, equipped with daisy-chain suspension materials boasting superior strength and a combined length of 20 ft. Versatile, adjustable, and tree-friendly, upgrade any hammock with these durable, best-in-class hammock straps. Python Straps provide eighteen (18) points of connection on each strap, providing ultimate adjustability for the perfect hang. Woven into the length of the Python Straps, reflective tracers provide great visibility for setting up or hanging in low-light conditions. When attachment points are sparse and distance matters, the Python Straps can safely suspend users by anchor points over twenty (20) feet apart.


  • 4" diameter, 5.5" high; length 20 ft.
  • Lifetime warranty through Kammock
  • Bar-Tack stitching
  • Polyester Tubular Webbing fabric
  • Max capacity 500lbs
  • 12oz
  • High Tensile Strength thread
  • 18 Daisy-Chain Points

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