Kuhl Vendetta Hoody

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Slide into the Kuhl Vendetta Pullover hoodie and let go of your bloodlust. Unlike the name would imply, the Vendetta hoodie is super soft, embracing, and has the cozy feel of a hoodie that makes you feel loved and relaxed. Made from a perfect blend of organic cotton and polyester, this hoodie has the soft feel of your favorite sweatshirt, but beefed up with tech fabric properties, like moisture wicking and quick drying, so whether you're setting off for a week long adventure summiting mountain peaks, or sinking into the couch to marathon your favorite bloodshed filled tv-series for the weekend, the Vendetta hoodie will be sure to quench your thirst.


  • A soft and durable hoodie to keep you feeling warm inside
  • Fight your urge for revenge with super soft organic cotton
  • Polyester wicks away sweat so you can stay cool
  • Split sleeve design ups your comfort
  • Reduce bulk with saddle-stitch seams
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