Yeti Loadout Bucket

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Inspired by the elbow grease of our grandfathers, The LoadOut™ Bucket is the YETI solution to the tried-and-true plastic hauler loyal to garages, docks, and ranches. 

This 5-gallon work-horse is made from high density polyethylene, which means it’s YETI tough and ready for bait, campsite kindling, spent shells, or the innards from a future dinner. Did we mention it’s also food safe? Well it is, possibly making it your new 5-gallon lunch pail. 

The LoadOut Bucket is over-engineered for versatility and built to last. And when you’re ready to take a load off, the LoadOut Bucket is there for you, too.


  • Bearfoot non-slip ring - No slipping, no sliding, and it's non-marking.
  • Food Safe just in case
  • Surestrong Build for high impact resistance and virtually indestructible.
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