Yeti Tundra Divider

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The YETI Tundra Divider is a divider for your YETI cooler. You can use only one divider at a time, but if you like organization, this can quickly become the accessory for you. One side beer, the other side water? I'm not sure why you'd want to do waste space with all that water, but maybe you have kids running around, and with the divider nobody has to be confused as to what drink they're about to grab. Split up food and drink on either side, even pull out the divider to use as a cutting board. The boards aren't waterproof, so don't be surprised when the non-ice side of the divider suddenly has some water along the bottom.


  • Using the horizontal or vertical dividers, you can separate your drinks from your catch
  • Each divider fits directly inside the molded-in divider groove
  • It also makes a great cutting board when not in use
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