Yeti Tank 45

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It’s time to upgrade your ice bucket. The YETI TANK® 45 will keep 52 cans or a pony keg of your favorite beer icy cold for your next get-together. Just like its big brother the YETI TANK 85, the 45 ice bucket has a rotomolded design and polyurethane foam insulation for maximum ice retention, durability, and puddle-free performance.

NOTE: YETI Tank Lids sold separately.
  • Snugly fits slim quarter keg of your choice
  • Perfect for bonfires, campsites, crawfish boils, and more
  • Rotomolded design can hold up against even the rowdiest parties
  • DoubleHaul™ Handles and Vortex™ Drain System make hauling, loading, and draining simple
  • Rotomolded Construction—Makes it armored to the core and virtually indestructible.
  • No Sweat Design—Keeps it dry on the outside.
  • Outside—16 1/4” × 21” × 15 1/2”
  • Inside—13 7/8” × 17 1/8” × 12 3/4”
  • Empty Weight—13 lbs
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